Realsun Information Co. Ltd., always focused on development of basic levels of medical care information systems. Our company’s efforts not only enhanced the systems technology but increased application’s function. In addition, we continuously offered basic levels of clinics the index of self-management business by years growth of medical environment.


  Base on more than 3,000 doctors recommendation and trail, 20 years of professional business experience, 100 employees making great efforts to attain various accomplishments, and 6 branches along with 4 service centers, Realsun Information Co. Ltd., expected to offer the most complete techniques and service, and become the best among all.


  With the change of the internal medical environment to lead to the choke points on basic levels of clinical business, Realsun Information Co. Ltd., not only put emphasis on how to be the pioneer to solve that problem but most of all, would like to grow with customers. Therefore, Realsun Information Co. Ltd., constantly enforced high standards, called for self-training, and creative growth in order to confront the medical environment with clinics and hospitals. Besides, to assist basic levels of doctors to face reforms of N.H.I. various policies, we created the advantage of how to make basic levels of clinics last eternal business.


  To have the service better and better owing to stretching the great service quality done for more customers, we determined to assist doctors sin establishing the complete medical care service net and to creative a benefit about how to give basic levels of clinics eternal business.